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Caribbean Association Of Pension Supervisors

Annual General Meeting 2019

Guyana, June 17th - 18th

The Caribbean Association of Pension Supervisors (CAPS) was incorporated in 2010 and was the brainchild of a number of pension regulators in the Caribbean; Mr. Al Kiel, Managing Partner, Morneau Shepell, Canada;  and the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre, CARTAC.  They all envisioned that CAPS would provide an opportunity for its members to interact with each other on pension matters and to exchange and share information across the region. The Association would provide a forum for members to promote and facilitate efficient and effective pension supervisory and regulatory systems in the region.

The founders of CAPS also expressed the belief that a united body of Caribbean members would be better able to promulgate regional concerns to international bodies.   There are 20 members of CAPS. The membership includes all members of CARICOM.